Thursday, July 23, 2009

The day that could have been better

I had one of those days that definitely could have gone better. It started with general exhaustion, and I was not a happy camper (a day where you don't let the details go). So after feeling frustrated at work, I decided it was time for a long bike ride, which was great until about 2 miles out of town my back tire popped. And not a small leak that i could pump up every 1-2 miles. A leak that drained the tire immediately. So as I walked back to my apartment in my biking shoes (even tried walking in my socks since the biking shoes are so uncomfortable for walking, my mood was not exactly bright. But it was great to get an invitation to hang out with some friends that night. And the day ended well, with 4 guys singing karaoke at 1 am. Wait a minute...

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