Monday, July 20, 2009

A crazy muddy weekend

So Friday we go out to the “Korean” version of Hooters. And this was much more like what you would expect Hooters to be in the US. Yes, they still had a dance, the women were prettier than the Korean Hooters (disclaimer, this is not my observation, it was from the colleagues I was with!) At one point it seemed that we were at a high school cheerleader practice, with all of these girls practicing their dance moves and giggling. We then went out afterwards, where my friend’s fiancée joined us, and she managed to completely miss a chair (she decided to sit down without checking to see if there actually was a chair). This was in a small room for 8 people, so it did not go unnoticed.

The next day was out to the mud festival. This year we decided to get hotel rooms, and try and make a night out of it. Which sort of happened. It poured rain, so we ended up staying in the restaurant for a while, drinking with random Koreans. Then off to a club that would not let in foreigners (yes, we get used to this), and then somewhere around 2 am, Gavin and I decided that it would be great to swim in the ocean. A smart idea given that we had been drinking? No. But fun? Tons. I took the waterproof camera out (and proceeded to get it filled with sand (it is not sandproof as my needing to fix it when I returned was evident). But a hell of an experience to catch waves and body surf at 2 am! We finished it off by walking onto the stage where bands had played earlier and mooning whoever was in sight. (Too much information? Just be glad you didn’t see it).

The overall day was a blast, although the weather was colder and windier than the previous year. So there were fewer people, and they shut down things like the mud wrestling pit, and the water slide. But we had plenty of fun, plenty of alcohol, and Gavin scared off as many people as possible by trying to hug them when he was covered in mud (although you should know better to walk through if you don’t have mud on!) We ended in the afternoon in the hot springs, a total blast, and MUCH warmer =)

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