Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dilbert couldn’t do this better

We had a presentation last week where a portion was about drinking and the correct seats to sit in. And it was amazing. The words used, the descriptions, and the overall work implications. Dilbert truly could not have made it better. Even the morning TV-show (brainwashing) is amazing. How to make 1-page memos, how to not force people to drink, etc, people just wouldn’t believe it. I would LOVE to put some of these up on YouTube. They would definitely provide Samsung with more of a corporate face, just not sure if they would like the corporate face ;)

Oh, and this corporate tradition is awesome, a woman is allowed 1 day off a month for “woman problems” Isn’t that priceless? The men may have been allowed the same due to any concern over discrimination. But apparently you can string the 12 days a year together for a long vacation. “Wait, so does that mean women can have only one period per year and have it in Bali?” hmm. (and i just heard a new name for this: menstruation vacation).

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