Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I miss and don't miss

Okay, after a trip down to Suwon today, I definitely don't miss the bus. I mean I made the most of it once I had my ipod touch (I played Scrabble, getting two Bingos over the course of the last couple of days). But the 2 hours on the bus? Not missing that at all ;)

But it was great to see the old team members, and I miss most of them. I do wonder, what happens when you see something that you really disagree with? Like a picture of a famous ad executive in the UK, wearing a bad carpet from the 1970s (I mean seriously? if you are in advertising, and talking about 90% of the ads are rubbish, I would say 90% of that coat is rubbish). But it makes you wonder, can you tell someone that what they are wearing just doesn't work? Like golf pants to work? (or some variation thereof).

So I am always feeling mixed emotions in this place (ie Korea). At certain points it reminds me of my time in NYC, when the level of stress was just always a notch or two above what it should have been. And you wonder, did I realize need to lose all of that sleep? Did I need to react so strongly? It comes with the territory, and probably being in a long-distance relationship means that you only have so much patience (and for my sanity, it goes to Michelle!)

And a few asides: Long distance sucks. It really does, and wedding planning long distance? Even less fun. But it came up the idea of why fathers give into their daughters. I joked, "if i can't understand my wife, there is no way I would be able to understand my daughter..."

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Rebecca's Travels said...

Totally agree on the long distance - it sucks, but you're lucky if you can be patient and understanding enough to make it work. Mine didn't, but I'm happy to hear yours did!