Monday, August 3, 2009

Image Conscious Society

With my cousin in town for a weekend, I did my best to show her around Seoul, from my favorite areas to the main tourist spots. We went out to Eden on Friday night, with my Ukrainian colleague, who had no problem dancing with his backpack on his chest and a pen in his pocket (gotta love someone who just doesn’t care!) But my cousin was highly amused by the dance floor (including a guy who could have been out of a model shoot, who was standing on the dance floor (not moving), with sunglasses, as a girl paid him a lot of attention. His movements were restricted to occasionally putting his arm around her. “Okay, so this is a slightly image conscious society” was the key take-away. This was fully confirmed when we went out shopping and Laura was looking at a dress and the owner came up and said “No. One size only” Yup, one size in most stores. (All of the anorexics of the world would be proud). We joked that when we went to the “plus size” area that this was where you could find a size 2 ;)

Overall the weekend was a lot of fun, we ate some great food, saw friends, had drinks at the Ritz (the Garden restaurant, which was beautiful), and got caught out in the rain. Sadly I had to leave before she did (a business trip to NYC), but one of her friends from Tucson came up from Busan to spend time with her. So in good hands in the end!

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