Friday, August 7, 2009

Trips to NYC

So a couple of trips to NYC, whirlwind ones lasting less than a week each. It has meant that my body has no idea which way is up. But it is nice to be back in the US, seeing Michelle (and the occasional friend). The current one is to meet with companies for the current project (we’ll see if I can get some wedding stuff done as well. But I finally had it with the work computer. The battery literally lasts 10 minutes. 10!?! And we make computers. Mine is about 5 years old, weighs maybe 10 lbs, and with no battery. So everything goes through personal email (because we don’t have webmail for security reasons). It AMAZES me, truly ;) And this was impressive. The business trip approval (outside of the fact that there are portions in Korean, even within the “English version” of the travel system), it took approximately 30 minutes to complete it. Productivity? Maybe next year ;)

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