Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why I don't like Korean negotiation

So I had an issue with my contract, my return city was the wrong one. And I had mentioned it before, but made the mistake of mentioning it again, and I just have a feeling that they don't even look at the original contract (probably just a fixed budget, which is pretty high) to move people back home. But of course in traditional Korean style it is a point used against you (well, we helped you fix this portion). What is interesting is that you would expect to realize that others might know this ploy (and it sets a bad precedent, and maybe people more likely to not trust you later if they have heard about this example). But the other element that I wonder about (and i have heard too many times about Korean negotiation is that nothing is fixed - even if you have settled on points 1-4, when you get to point 5, the previous points might be brought up again). And you wonder why there is a bad reputation of Koreans in Asia involving negotiations...I digress, but I will say, it is not the way you want to end your time. But lesson learned I guess?

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