Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Short-term versus Long-term

A question I have, even if I know the answer. Why is there such a focus on short-term here in Korea? (not that the US is much better, but still) Executive decisions are made on a quarterly basis with often too little regard for long-term sustainability (ie cutting marketing budgets if sales drop even a fraction). But the interesting one for me is a lack of understanding of ramifications. Granted this could be due to the military like focus and that everyone is a cog in a wheel (and therefore doesn't think of these consequences). But as I leave (on a sour note or two), it makes me wonder, there isn't much thought about former members being brand ambassadors, or potential partners, or even willing to work with Samsung in a different role (ie not Korea). I hope these things change, but perhaps this is just American idealism...

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